Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

Department of Prosthodontics, Crown, Bridge & Implantology


The department of Prosthodontics deals with replacement of lost natural teeth and associated structure. Our department not only deals with reconstructive dentistry but also with reconstructive procedures for lost fingers, nose, ear and eye and also parts of face with artificial substitutes. The department also deals with implant supported oral prosthesis and implant supported facial prosthesis which is a recent evolution in dentistry.

Speciality Work

It mainly comprises of Removable and Fixed partial denture, Oral and Maxillofacial prosthesis and Oral implantology.

Removable partial denture includes temporary and cast removable partial dentures. Complete denture includes conventional, immediate, implant supported and over dentures. Fixed partial denture includes full metal, metal ceramic and all ceramic crowns and bridges and laminate veneers.

Oral and maxillofacial prosthesis includes obturators, speech bulb, orbital, nasal, ocular, ear, finger prosthesis, surgical stent and splints, feeding and flap supporting plate.

Oral implantology includes single tooth and multiple teeth replacement, full mouth rehabilitation and implant supported maxilla facial prosthesis.

Our Areas of Expertise

1. Complete Dentures

  • Conventional
  • Balanced Complete dentures
  • Immediate Complete dentures
  • Salivary dam Complete dentures

2. Over Dentures

  • Tooth supported
  • Implant supported
  • Attachment supported

3. Removable Partial Dentures

  • Provisional acrylic RPD
  • Cast RPD
  • Flexible RPD

4. Fixed partial denture

  • Metal
  • Metal ceramic
  • All ceramic crowns and bridges

5. Laminate veneers

6. Fixed removable prosthesis with attachments

7. Implants

  • Single tooth
  • Multiple teeth
  • Full mouth implants

8. Obturators- all types

9. Maxillofacial prosthesis

  • Nasal
  • Orbital
  • Ocular
  • Auricular
  • Finger
  • Stents and splints
  • Cranial implants
  • Facial

10. Comprehensive Geriatric Prosthodontics


Dr. Balu MDS Professor & HOD
Dr. Sangeetha MDS Professor
Dr. Ramkumar MDS Professor
Dr. Devaki MDS Professor
Dr.Manonmani MDS Reader
Dr.Devi MDS Reader
Dr.Manikandan MDS Reader
Dr.Karthikeyan MDS Senior lecturer
Dr.Ajay MDS Senior lecturer
Dr.Sasikala MDS Senior lecturer
Dr.Arun MDS Senior lecturer